Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is it Possible to Lose Weight by Drinking Only Water?

Yes, it is possible, but it is works best with dieters. You might be saying to yourself, it doesn’t make sense. When you drink water, it would increase your weight. Then when you excrete the water as urine, you would gain back your original weight. Yes, what you are thinking is correct. But you missed a part which is the usefulness of water to the body.
Drinking more water has 2 benefits. The benefits are

1. To increase your Metabolism

Accordingly, to the Webster dictionary, Metabolism is the sum of the processes by which a particular substance is handled in the living body. In this case, the process is by which stored fat is converted into energy. The body parts involved in this process are the kidney and liver. If you are dehydrated, your kidney would restrict the flow of water to the liver. And this would reduce the amount of work the liver does, thus reducing the amount of stored fat converted into energy.

2. To Reduce Your Appetite

If you are hungry, you would be craving for food. If your regular food (what you eat to lose weight) is not yet prepared, you would go for the next available food which is junk food. You can stop the desire for junk food by drinking water. When you drink enough water to your satisfaction, you stomach would think that it filled up with food. So that grouching noise it was making would stop until you stomach realizes that it was deceived and it desires a real food.

Experts in the health field advices that people should drink about 8 glasses of water everyday. This is true under two conditions. If you are average size, and when the temperature is cool. If you are overweight, you body would consume more water because it has to do more work converting the extra stored fat into energy. And if the temperature is hot, you need more water because you would lose some water as sweat from your sweat pores.

Before, you start drinking more water; you should consult your physician first to check if your kidney is functioning properly. It is because if you consume more water with a bad kidney, you would be have to be visiting the bathroom regular which would become a pain to your daily activities and this would make you lose interest in drinking more water to lose weight.

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